Barcelona intervenes after ‘disgrace’

FC Barcelona will intervene after the embarrassing screening at its own Camp Nou. Fans of Eintracht Frankfurt bought cards for the home compartments en masse, making them present in the Catalan stadium with more than thirty thousand.
Club President Joan Laporta announced to TV3 that tickets for European games will be sold by name for the time being. “Our season ticket holders had more than 37 thousand tickets and many of those cards came into German hands,” explains the Barça preses. “In addition, more than 34 thousand cards went into public sale and they also largely went to Germans.”
“I can now tell you that the entrance tickets for international competitions will be named from now on,” Laporta continues. “We didn‘t really want to do this, because it’s a measure that a very large part of the benevolent fans would rather not have. But we no longer have a choice, because this should never happen to us again.”
The footage of the partying Eintracht fans at Camp Nou went around the world. The Germans, who had come en masse in white, took over the entire stadium and were scattered. At the end of the 2-3 match won in the quarterfinal of the Europa League, there was a celebration and the players of Eintracht could actually run a round of honour as if it were a home game.