‘Barcelona needs to cut down offers for two dream acquisitions’

The possibilities on the transfer market are still limited for Ronald Koeman and FC Barcelona, report Marca and Catalan RAC1. According to both media, dream reinforcements Eric García and Memphis Depay have to settle for a lower salary than initially anticipated if they want to come to Barça.
Manchester City defender García was trained at Barça, which has long been working on his return. The twenty-year-old Catalan runs out of his contract with Manchester City, making a return long time seemed only a matter of time. However, Barcelona cannot offer him more than half of the offer made twelve months ago. According to Marca, it remains to be seen whether García agrees with this.
The same applies to Memphis: the Orange-International missed a transfer to Catalonia last summer and will soon be transfer-free. However, Memphis cannot earn the same amount that was offered to him at an earlier stage.

☎️ Lo contó @marca y confirmaMoseric García si quiere llegar al Barça tendrá que acceptar las nuevas condiciones del contrato. The rebajaron la mitad de lo pactado en su día.Depay si llega, también le afectará esa rebaja del contrato #mercato and @EsportsRAC1 pic.twitter.com/0A7dxGcwel
— Gerard Romero (@gerardromero) April 7, 2021