‘Barcelona seems finally delivered from Umtiti, going back to France’

FC Barcelona seems to be able to get rid of Samuel Umtiti in the foreseeable future. It was already known that the Catalans were talking to Stade Rennais about a rental deal, now the transfer seems to be taking place as well. Due to Umtitis high salary, Barรงa will probably have to continue to pay part of his salary.
Barcelona has been trying to make Umtiti a number of transfer periods in a row. That is no different now, despite Umtiti renewing his contract in January. According to Marca, negotiations between recently Barรงa and Rennes have intensified, which seems to be a breakthrough.
s salary is also an obstacle this time. Rennes cannot and does not want to pay his entire salary in a rental, so Barรงa will have to continue to transfer part of Umtitis salary. The Catalans are now also seeing this, which means that an agreement is close.
If Umtiti leaves on rent, he might never be able to return to Barcelona. According to Mundo Deportivo, there is a termination clause in the Barรงa contract of the French stopper. The option could be highlighted in 2023, if Umtiti returned from his period at Rennes.