‘Barely allergic reactions in vaccinations with Moderna vaccine’

Heavy allergic reactions to Modernas coronavaccin seem to be quite rare, says the American Health Service CDC. After more than 4 million Americans had received their first vaccination with the drug, ten cases had a severe allergic reaction. Another 43 people receiving the vaccine had less severe allergic reactions, including itching, rash and tightness.

In general, the people who received a serious reaction have recovered well, says the CDC, although five of them have ended up in intensive care. In most cases, the reaction occurred shortly after vaccination. Nine out of ten cases had a history of allergies, especially for medicines. A person had a food allergy. There are no known deaths at the CDC.

According to the authority, the preliminary figures indicate an average of 2.5 severe allergic reactions per 1 million vaccinations. According to the CDC, previous vaccinations with the PFIZER/Biontech vaccine in the US indicated roughly 11 cases per 1 million pricks. Also, the symptoms of allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer/Biontech vaccine would be similar.

Based on the figures, the CDC has given new advice to the US puncture sites. For example, there should be better screening for possible allergies, they should have enough allergy medications in the home and people who get an allergic reaction should not get a second shot.