Barendrecht player doesn’t want an Ajax shirt: “No, that’s not going to happen”

Almost all BVV Barendrecht players have obtained a shirt from an Ajax player afterwards, except Joey Jongman. Jongman is a supporter of Feyenoord and has nothing to do with Ajax.
Jongman was in front of ESPN‘s camera afterwards and was asked if he still has a shirt. I just got that question. No, that’s not going to happen, he says. I‘m a Feyenoord supporter. No, also not to just trade after a cup match. What I do have with Ajax? Nothing at all. It’s not that I hate Ajax, but it‘s not my favorite club. From Feyenoord, I’ve had a seasonal card for a long time.
Trainer Richard Elzinga is satisfied despite the 4-0 defeat. I see all happy headlines, almost all of them have scored a shirt, says Elzinga. We did what we promised: not parked the bus. I think we did just fine and even had a few small chances. I had awarded my team a goal, but overall I am quite satisfied.
My players have brought everything. They gave everything to keep the score as low as possible, in the end it did yield something, says Elzinga.