Bas vant Wout succeeds Eric Wiebes as Minister of Economic Affairs

Bas vant Wout will be the new Minister of Economic Affairs. He succeeds Eric Wiebes, who resigned last week because of his responsibility in the payment affair. Wiebes didnt want to stay demissionary like the rest of the fallen cabinet.

Vant Wout (41) is now Secretary of State for Social Affairs. Its a job he has only had for a short time, because he replaced Tamara van Ark this summer when he became Minister of Medical Care.

The new Minister of Economic Affairs was previously Vice-President of the VVD in the House of Representatives. He started in The Hague as political assistant to Mark Rutte, when he was Secretary of State in Balkenende II.

Vant Wout began his political career just like Rutte at the JOVD, the political youth organization affiliated with the VVD and is considered a confidant of the Prime Minister. He is tipped off to join the next cabinet, when the VVD returns, and before the group presidency.

D66-Minister Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs assumes Vant Wouts duties until the new cabinet takes office.