Basketball player Jobse stops immediately and gives up Olympic dream

Basketball player Jesper Jobse, one of the ‘big names’ in the relatively new 3×3 basketball, immediately puts an end to his sporting career. The postponement of the Olympic Games is such a disappointment for the 36-year-old Zeeuw and so great that he is no longer motivated to continue.

“Over the past few months, I’ve realized that there’s more to life than what I’ve experienced over the past seven years,” writes Jobse on his Instagram.

For the past seven years Jobse has devoted himself fully to 3×3 basketball. The sportsman from Vlissingen was active at the World Cup in Amsterdam and won a bronze medal at the European Championships with the Dutch team in 2016.

Next year, 3×3 basketball will be on the Olympic programme in Tokyo for the first time. Jobse would have liked to have seen the premiere, but accepts that it will not happen. “I would have liked to make the last part of my dream come true last summer. But it’s been enough.”

Jobse does intend to remain active in basketball and wants to take 3×3 basketball to a “higher level”.