Batman v Superman screenwriter on film: I didnt call him that

Screenwriter Chris Terrio slammed Warner Bros. for problematic production of Batman v Superman and Justice League . According to the author, to work on Batman against Superman he was called out by Ben Affleck, with whom they were creating Argo.

The actor wanted Terrio to correct the shortcomings of the past version of the text — he needed to create a reason why Batman would start hating Superman so that it came to collision. And the only reason for such, from the viewpoint of the screenwriter, could be a desire for revenge or obsession.

So Bruce Wayne after the battle of Superman with Zod and the destruction of Metropolis begins to look for ways overpower the alter ego of Clark Kent – turning into a kind of Captain Ahab, who does not listen to other opinions of friends like Alfred. When the studio decided to remove from the final version 30 minutes timekeeping, it greatly angered the screenwriter, because the logic of the story was broken and the film simply didnt work The representatives of the studio believed that Terrio was creating too dark version stories, but the author wasnt in agreement with them.

He did not want to turn the plot into the usual brawl of two supercreatures, plus the original version had even darker moments. For example, initially Batman continued to leave tags on criminals – and at the end did it with Lex Luthoro.

The screenwriter argued a lot with the studio about it, because he believed that the character in the end should change for the better, moving away from their past brutal leanings. It should have been a version of Batman that could put together the Justice League.

Otherwise this whole plot had no sense. The desire to simplify the concept of the tape slipped even in the title, which Terrio didnt choose — he doesnt know at all who gave the film such a cumbersome headline.

The screenwriter learned this from the internet like everyone else. The title, as it seems to him, was unsuccessful and repelled the audience.

As a result, when the studio cut the film, the author did not respond to the criticism of the script, because it was an overwritten version of the story. He understood that not everyone could like the tone or something else, but for the torn text he could not answer.

However, some criticism from professional reviewers he still considered inappropriate. , a claim to Loiss phrase when she says, Im not a lady, but a journalist.

One of the authors of the publications then wrote that Terrio does not understand the character and does not know how to write female characters at all. From the point of view of Terrio himself, this is quite stupid, since this replica was a reference to journalist Mary Colvin, who died in Syria.

And in life she said an identical phrase (Theres no woman in this room, only a journalist) and the screenwriter paid tribute to her respect. Terrio argued with the studioabout a whole raven of scenes, including the first episodes in Africa.

He noted that you cant make the film simple when you yourself initially take difficult themes. Conflicts were many — once it came to the fact that a representative of investors took the screenwriter aside and started giving him a lecture on how to write the story of Batman.

After release BPS some acquaintances of Terrio in Hollywood stopped talking to him, because they believed to be guilty of the failure of the film. But the author enjoyed working with Zak Snyder, who constantly discussed with him different ideas and in general was open to cooperation – and so Terrio wrote the script for Justice League .

When the story was created for League, then much in the studio is still was in the planning stages — no one consulted with the authors regarding the order of releases at DCEU. Therefore, for example, the scenario Wonder Woman at that time was not even finished, and many plot moments had to be decided on the go.

Terrio did not know about Dianas past and similar episodes. The screenwriter, after Snyders departure from the project, formally also excluded from production – with Joss Whedon he did not communicate.

For the first time, Terrio saw the theatrical version a couple of weeks before the premiere — and became depressed, demanding to remove his name from the title. and a number of important points just killed.

He especially touched the way the Cyborg branch was removed, on which he worked very tightly with Ray Fisher, for many hours discussing the characters place in the world and culture. The film he called an act of vandalism.

The studio protested the authors decision, as at that time the promotional campaign of the tape was unfolding. Otherwise, the film could reschedule.

In the end, Terrio stopped fighting it and waved his hand – to the premiere it was not steel. Now Terrio was happy with the release of the full version of the League, because it was his original scenario — and hes ready to answer for it.

And the author is pleased that people were able to see the picture as it was conceived initially. But he is unlikely to return to work on big franchises in the near future.

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