Batons, water reservoirs and “hammers”: announced Riot Control Simulator

Independent studio Corpix Games, known for prehistoric action films Dinosis Survival and Reptiles: In Hunt, suddenly decided to switch from dinosaurs to more relevant topics. She announced Riot Control Simulator, in which we will lead a squad of special purpose police. By idea we live under dictatorship, and popular discontent is already splashed into mass demonstrations.

Our units must prevent civilians from being harmed by the unrest. And for this, it is necessary to suppress the riot in the bud in any way.

To subdue especially active and dangerous participants prepared a whole complex of means, starting with handcuffs and batons up to water reservoirs and tanks. But putting them into the move, you will have to reckon with the level of aggression of the crowd and take serious decisions time after time.

Games Box and Ultimate Games are responsible for the edition of the game. More on CCeit Riot Games sent into space the hero League of Legends Ubisoft until the end of the year will disable the network functions of 12 games – details Naughty Dog does not work on the new Jak & Daxter despite numerous requests.