Battle between Buckingham Palace and Harry & Meghan flares up, including ‘the firma’ under fire

In the run-up to Oprah Winfreys already notorious TV interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the British royal family continues to rise further.

Buckingham Palace announced yesterday that it is investigating the very disturbing allegations that Markle had bullied her staff. In the meantime, Markle accuses the palace of spreading lies about her, according to a released excerpt from the Oprah interview.

I dont know how they can expect us to just shut up after all this time, while they play an active role in maintaining falsehoods, says the Duchess of Sussex. The whole interview will be broadcast on Sunday.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke of The Firm, the nickname of the British royal family:

Now its serious, writes BBC-Royalty reporter Jonny Dymond. It is clear that they do not confine their criticism to the British media, which they clearly despise, but that they also focus their sights on the royal family.

Or, in the words of the Royal House-reporter Chris Ship of channel ITV: It all seems a lot worse than thought.

CCEIT correspondent Tim de Wit says that the Oprah interview by Buckingham Palace is seen as a declaration of war. The palace is afraid that the couple will hang the dirty laundry outside. It is feared that Meghan will tell her that life within the royal family has been made impossible.

Fracture is final

Although Harry had never made a secret of his aversion to the magnifying glass under which he lived his life, the break between him and the royal family came as a huge surprise last year. In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they wanted to live a different life, mainly outside the United Kingdom. No longer demanded a prominent position within the royal family and the associated financial dependence.

After talks with the Queen, it was decided that the two would think about their intention for a year. That period expired last month, after which Queen Elizabeth finally made the departure of Harry and Meghan and cut out the royal ties with them.

The two will never work for the crown again. Although everyone is saddened by their decision, the Duke and Duchess remain beloved members of the family, said Buckingham Palace.

Poisonous British press

They had no other choice, Harry said about it last year, and then shut up. Only last week he told us more, in an interview with his friend and TV host James Corden.

Harry had to leave the country because the poisonous British press put his mental state at risk. I did what any husband or father had done: I had to get my family out of there.

Harry drove James Corden on a double-decker bus through Los Angeles:

For years, Prince Harry announced that he is mildly dissatisfied with the way in which he is written in the tabloids. But ever since his marriage to Meghan, his words have become louder. He drew the comparison with the tragic fate of his mother Diana and said that his wife, too, was a victim of a ruthless campaign by the British tabloids, who did not think about the consequences.

Its not just words. They sued the Mail on Sunday for publishing a letter from Meghan to her father. Last month, Meghan won that case. Previously, they decided not to speak to the great British tabloids anymore, because they make money on them, with stories that are twisted, false and unreasonably intrusive.

Compassion and kindness

In the Oprah interview Meghan and Harry undoubtedly return to their breakup with the royal family and their aversion to the tabloid press. But it is clear that the two are also looking forward. They want to spend a lot of time and energy in their new charity fund, the Archewell Foundation, where they emphasize compassion and kindness.

Under that flag, they will also make movies and podcasts, after closing tens of millions of dollars on them with Netflix and Spotify. We want to hear voices that otherwise silently and hear peoples stories, Meghan says about that. Harry: We want to create a community where you can tell your story, creating a safe space in which others can also share their vulnerabilities.