Battle Brothers tactical role-playing game received a free expansion

The creators of the tactical role-playing game Battle Brothers released a fresh free expansion of Flesh and Faith and a major update 1. 5. DLC adds two new prestories to the game Oathtakers and Anatomists.

By choosing Oathtakers, players start with two experienced warriors and high-quality equipment. During the passage, you will have to take special vows that can have a negative impact before they are fulfilled.

By choosing Anatomists, players start the campaign with three mercenaries and a lot of capital, while they will never be able to achieve โ€œconfidentโ€ morale. Anatomists are committed to science – for researching the bodies of the killed, they will be able to learn various useful potions.

Also, the expansion includes about 50 new story events, new banners, improvements As for update 1. 5, it includes balance changes, general improvements and various bugfixes.

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