Battleborn officially ceased to exist

2K Games disabled the servers of the heroic shooter Battleborn, which came out a couple of weeks before Overwatch and remained in the shadow of the blockbuster Blizzard. Notably, there was a story campaign in the Gearbox shooter. Why โ€œwasโ€? Because even it requires connection to servers, and after disabling them, it is simply impossible to access single modes.

The creators of the game from Gearbox do not regret that Battleborn were engaged – according to the studios art director Scott Kester, after Borderlands 2 the team wanted to switch to something else. If they immediately took up the third Borderlands, then โ€œit would hardly have turned out to be anything wayward.

โ€ It is noteworthy that in 2017 Battleborn was transferred to a shareware distribution model, but in Gearbox it refused to call it such, preferring a โ€œtrialโ€. More on CCeit Announced Into the Darkness, inspired by Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks โ€œWe Stay and Fightโ€: Anime on โ€œPacific Frontierโ€ Netflix will be released March 4 Time Manipulation, Choices and Riddles in the First Trailers of Eternal Threads.