Battlefield 2042 and Elden Ring most attracted players at E3 2021 and SGF

The bulk of E3 2021, you might say, has come to an end โ€” only Nintendo is expected to perform tomorrow, but its an atmospheric company. We found ourselves wondering which videos from the exhibition attracted the most attention. To do this, we studied YouTube and summarized views from the main channels.

Games with both Summer Game Fest and E3. Results were considered as follows (the release date of the video is in parentheses): Battlefield 2042 Debut Trailer โ€” 20.

4 million (June 9) Elden Ring ; โ€” 7. 7 million (June 10) Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Video โ€” 5 million (June 13) Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora โ€” 5 million (June 12) S.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

2: Heart of Chernobyl โ€” 2. 1 million (13 June) Debut Trailer Forza Horizon 5 โ€” 1.

7 million (June 13) Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope โ€” 1. 6 million (June 12) Debut โ€œGuardians of the Galaxyโ€ trailer & mdash; 1.

6 million (June 13) Rainbow Six: Extraction โ€” 1. 5 million (June 12) Starfield โ€” 1.

4 million (June 13) Halo Infinite Multiplayer โ€” 1. 4 million (June 13) Jurassic World: Evolution 2 โ€” 1.

4 million (June 9) Halo Infinite story video โ€” 1. 06 million (June 13) .

These are the main video games that have managed to collect more than 1 million views โ€” videos with 12 and June 13 may still be actively picking up views, but its unlikely to pick up much from June 9 and June 10. Its far more interesting where the same โ€œStalkerโ€ will end up in a week, given the stormy pre-orders on Steam.

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