Battlefield 2042 announced two patches that fix a number of bugs

DICE has announced two updates to the gamer-criticized (and ambiguously accepted) Battlefield 2042 shooter. The first will be released tomorrow and will fix the annoying bullet spread of assault rifles, and will also make other changes. For example, it will reduce the damage caused by Nightbird helicopter projectiles and the bug with the inability to revive teammates located next to an object.

The second update (coming in early December) is also designed to correct a number of shortcomings and correct the balance. But there will be other important changes: weekly challenges to discover cosmetics and interface changes.

DICE has plans to release another update, most likely at the end of the day year or early next year. More on Gambling Addiction Battlefield 2042 Players Hide Helicopters in Buildings Resident Evil 4 VR will return Mercenaries mode To Terminator: Resistance will release a new story campaign Annihilation Line.