Battlefield 2042 to receive NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex support

Electronic Arts and DICE announced that the PC version of Battlefield 2042 will be supported by two topical NVIDIA technologies: DLSS and Reflex. Recall that DLSS is NVIDIAs proprietary technology for upscale pictures. That is, the game is initially rendered conventionally in QHD, and then the artificial intelligence tensor cores is upgraded to 4K.

So it is possible to increase the amount of fps substantially and nothing to lose as a picture. Reflex is a much more nebulous technology that theoretically lowers input lag, time from keystrokes before the result on the display.

Technically, this is implemented through reducing the frame queue on the processor, which requires direct support from the game. Surprisingly, in the background of this announcement, no support for ray tracing has yet been announced.

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