Battlefield 6 to be released on PS4 and Xbox One

EA, during a fresh quarterly report, confirmed that the next Battlefield will be released not only on next-generation and PC consoles, but also on the PS4 and Xbox One. A release is scheduled for Q4. The head of the company Andrew Wilson last week took a look at the debut trailer and remained deeply impressed – the video will be shown publicly only next month.

Whats funny is that the shooter is still called a โ€œnew generation game,โ€ despite the extensive list of platforms. Key aspects of the series remain the same โ€” large scale and innovative system of destruction.

The largest team of developers in the history of four studios is responsible for the production of the shooter โ€” in addition to DICE, Criterion, EA Gothenburg (formerly Ghost) and DICE LA work on the game. More on CCeit Until We Die is released in June, while the demo version is available The authors of Phantom Doctrine are working on the Stargate strategy: Timekeepers Gabe Newell promises news about Valve games on consoles.