Battlefield Portal Mode Editor Announcement for BF 2042 with Old Content

EA introduced Battlefield 2042‘s second mode, Battlefield Portal. As it turned out, the leaks downplayed the scope of the project, because it is a deep and flexible mode editor with Ripper Effect (formerly DICE LA) . For starters, โ€œPortalโ€ is based on four games: Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042.

From the classic maps, six were recreated, incorporating features of modern editions of the series such as destruction and levolution. Maps: โ€œArdennes Operationโ€ from Battlefield 1942 โ€œEl Alameinโ€ from Battlefield 1942 โ€œPort Aricaโ€ from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 โ€œValparaisoโ€ from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 โ€œCaspian Frontierโ€ from Battlefield 3 โ€œNowshahr Channelsโ€ from Battlefield 3.

It’s more interesting that the aforementioned games will bring back weapons, equipment and gadgets from the aforementioned games Maximum approximate values to the originals. That is, old rifles from 1942 won‘t average with Bad Company 2 weapons.

With this, the traditional class system will be available. In general, players can customize absolutely everything โ€” map rotation, victory conditions, command balance, total number of players on the server, team capacity (you can make asymmetrical โ€” like 25 vs.

75), team features (what weapons, gadgets and equipment will be available) and the like. This is why developers are not particularly worried about balance, because by creating their own modes, users can easily make their balance โ€” for example by increasing damage from old rifles.

Another interesting feature of Portal will be the ability to customize commands so that some take over as Russians from Battlefield 3, while others are axes from Battlefield 1942. And that’s how you can mix almost everything.

For example, you can do โ€œCaptureโ€ on a small map with a team of 100 snipers from BF 1942 versus 24 fighters with shotguns from BF 3. At the same time, shotgun fighters regain full health when killed, while snipers can‘t make up their lives at all.

The local editor allows you to implement completely insane ideas. One can do a cooperative โ€œzombie modeโ€ with shooting off waves of enemies under the control of artificial intelligence.

AI behavior logic can also be tweaked. More examples of modes: 1 Battlefield 2042 tank vs.

20 Battlefield engineer bots 3 4 fighters from 2042 with a helicopter against 32 German soldiers from 1942 with 50% health. This is how deep platform settings look like logic and the like, More interesting, Battlefield Portal modes can be created literally in the browser โ€” even from your phone.

It doesn’t even require a copy of Battlefield 2042 itself. Just have to go to the site, connect to your EA account and create.

All modes run on dedicated EA servers, no direct connection to host players. If desired, at the time of publication,put a password so that only acquaintances can go in.

DICE will personally supervise the most interesting and popular modes in a special Portal tab, but developers will give you the chance to play your favorite modes from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 in pristine form. There will be two main playlists in total: โ€œOfficialโ€ and โ€œCommunity Selection.

โ€ At the same time, EA seems to be unsure of Portal‘s great success, so we don’t rush to talk about plans to further support the regime with other classic content after release. Screenshots.