Battlefield, Titanfall and Mirrors Edge tested on Xbox Series with 120 FPS

Recently on the Xbox Series 13 games for Xbox One have support for FPS Boost – increased performance through the emulator. Now Digital Foundry has dismantled some of the projects with improvements. Most new products can now work at 120 FPS, but some did not improve for the junior Series S – only for Series X.

However, there somewhere made graphic compromises, including settings for Xbox One S, not Xbox One X. Briefly about the main: Battlefield 4 runs on both Series at 720p as the game has never improved for One X.

There is almost no performance questions โ€” 120 FPS in most scenes, however there are unexplained drops online to 90-95 FPS; Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V work with FPS Boost only on Series X but via settings for One S in resolution 972p and 1080p respectively. There are no questions to performance โ€” stable 120 FPS; Mirrors Edge: Catalyst did not improve for One X, so on Series X anyway use settings for One S โ€” 120 FPS in 936p resolution; Titanfall โ€” stable 120 FPS at 720p on Series X; Titanfall 2 shows stable 120 FPS on Series X at 810p, however on Series S at the same resolution occasionally appear falls – but mostly small.

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