Battlefield V returns to top 10 popular Steam games

Battlefield V has suddenly returned to the top 10 of Steams most popular games โ€” this came on the back of a recent free weekend. The number of simultaneous players over the past day exceeded 69,000, and at the time of the free weekend itself, the peak was over 76,000. Thus, the shooter lost to the same Rainbow Six Siege, but still managed to take the final top spot.

The return of Battlefield V was definitely affected by a huge discount of 90% โ€” now Battlefield V Definitive Edition can be purchased for 349 rubles (3,499 rubles). In addition, the project is included in the EA Play subscription.

The discount will be current until September 8. It was previously revealed that the beta of the new Battlefield 2042 could start as early as September 22.

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