Battlerite Authors Announce Vampire Survivor V Rising

Swedish studio Stunlock, known for online action films Battlerite and Bloodline Champions, has announced its new project. And this is again an online game, but this time with a bias into survival: in V Rising we will get the role of a vampire. Life of a vampire is difficult: sunlight is ruinous for him, and after centuries of sleep his body incredibly weak.

It will take an awful lot of blood to regain your vampire empire to recuperate. And then you need a lot of servants who will restore the castle.

On the way to the fate of the new Dracula will require many victories over the soldiers of the church and battles with competitive players. But in the network you can find assistants-associates.

The game allows both solo passage and co-operative. This year should begin beta tests V Rising, you can sign up for participation on the official website.

The release is yet scheduled only on RS, and it will be held, most likely, in 2022. More on CCeit In Returnal found cheats – for them you need to connect the keyboard Announced adventure spy 2D action Blast Brigade New trailer Necromunda: Hired Gun dedicated gameplay features.