Baudet not prosecuted for ‘recruiting’ votes

The Public Prosecutors Office will not prosecute Forum for Democracy Leader Thierry Baudet for recruiting votes. With a call to โ€œarrangeโ€ as many powers of attorney as possible, he did not commit himself to a criminal offence according to the prosecution.

In a video that appeared on Twitter on February 25, Baudet explained to its members that the powers of attorney for Forum were โ€œa huge opportunityโ€. Because of corona, the maximum number of proxy powers per person was increased from two to three.


Baudet wanted to โ€œsee if we could call on all FVDers to arrange three powers of attorneyโ€. He was counting on the 50,000 members to get 200,000 votes, for at least three seats. He therefore called it a good idea to โ€œenthusiasm people to give power of attorneyโ€.

โ€œ People who may not be so politically involved might want to give a power of attorney, so you can vote several times,โ€ said Baudet in the video, which was quickly removed by Forum.

The Electoral Council called Baudets appeal โ€œat least undesirableโ€, and reports of violation of the Electoral Law came to the states office. The recruitment of votes is punishable. But this is not the case in this case, says the state now.


The Electoral Act defines recruitment as systematically approaching people personally to issue a power of attorney. According to the D.A., Baudet did not do that: he did not approach voters himself, and it was a one-off call.

โ€œ The initiative to grant a power of attorney lies with the electorate after his speech,โ€ concludes the States Attorney.

However, the video can be seen as an appeal to members to recruit votes. โ€œYou could think of entrapment,โ€ says a spokesman for the OM Midden-Nederland in an explanation. โ€œThat requires a completed crime. But it has not been found that members have been recruiting.โ€