Baudet wants to split Forum, a division of property

Forum for Democracy must be split. With quarrels of party members moving further and further apart, Thierry Baudet seems to be the best solution. โ€œNo one has an interest in continuing to smear each other. We just split the pot.โ€

Baudet wants the finances to be divided. The name Forum for Democracy should go to him, he thinks. Members must decide who to join.

Events at Forum followed at a staggering pace on Wednesday. Roughly speaking, there are two camps. Baudet, Freek Jansen, Paul Cliteur and Treasurer Olaf Ephraim on one side. In the other camp there are at least three board members, Annabel Nanninga, a growing number of senators, the FVD members of the European Parliament and provincial leaders. Meanwhile, FVD-prominent figures Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek have joined them.

The latest

news is that senator and number three of the candidate list Nicky Pouw-Verweij has opened up a booklet about a party meeting last Friday. She did so through a fire letter to the party board. The Cceit managed to lay hands on that.

In the fire letter Pouw-Verweij talks about the FVD dinner on which the campaign was discussed. According to the senator, Baudet made shocking statements about anti-Semitism, corona and the IQ of Forum members.

โ€œ Its really bad what has happened lately,โ€ says Baudet in the morning program Goede morgen Nederland of WNL. โ€œI ended up in a kind of backstabbing situation. Lets just split up, a division of property,โ€ he suggests.

Baudet does not explicitly deny that he has made remarkable statements at the FVD dinner. However, he says that Olaf Ephraim, the treasurer of Forum and also present at the meeting, has a very different lecture from Nicky Pouw Verweij.

Pouw-Verweij has now received back cover from two other prominent FVDers. Thats Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek. They were also present at the dinner and say that the story of Pouw is correct. โ€œI endorse Nickys experience,โ€ says Vlaardingerbroek. โ€œIt was a bad night. It is indeed true, how all this has gone.โ€ โ€œYesโ€, also says Eerdmans to the question whether it has gone as Pouw described.