‘Bayern and German federation compromise: practice duel in exchange for Flick-transfer’

The transfer of trainer Hansi Flick to the German national team is starting to take shape. According to the Münchener Abendzeitung, the DFB also opts for a creative settlement of the deal with Bayern Munich.
Flick still has an ongoing contract with Bayern, but stated earlier that he would like to have that commitment terminated. Der Rekord meister does not receive any compensation for Flick, while it itself has to go deep into the pouch for successor Julian Nagelsmann. Both sides have now opted for a compromise, reports the Münchener Abendzeitung: Bayern will play a game against the national team and the full proceeds will go to the Bundesliga leader. When that match can be played, it is not yet known: however, both teams want to do so this year.
The developments followed each other at a rapid pace this week in Germany. Ten days after Flick announced his farewell, Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig) was presented as a successor. The DFB has now confirmed that it has approached Flick. The success trainer was already assistant to coach Joachim Löw between 2006 and 2014, who says goodbye to Die Mannschaft after the European Championships.

Update #Flick: Der @FCBayern wird as Ausgleich für den vorzeitigen Abschied the kompletten Einnahmen from einem Testspiel gegen das @DFB_Team erhalten. Zeitpunkt der Partie wohl nor in diesem Jahr. #FCBayern #Nagelsmann
— Maximilian Koch (@Koch_AZ) April 27, 2021