Bayern Chairman Confirms Hernández Is Going to Judge: Hes Going There Now

FC Bayern Munich chairman Herbert Hainer has confirmed that Lucas Hernández is going to Spain to come to court. The 67-year-old German does not want to respond substantially to the Hernández criminal case.
Wednesday came out that the French defender has to report in court on October 19th and that he has to go to jail. Hainer confirms in conversation with Kicker that Hernández will travel to Spain. He goes there now, then there is a negotiation and then we will see what happens, says Bayern‘s chairman.
Hainer also gets questions fired on the contents of the Hernández case. He doesn’
t want to go into that though. These are Lucas Hernández‘s private business, I don’t want to tell you about that, says Hainer.
Hernández has to go to Spanish prison for ignoring a restraining order. There is an appeal before the Provincial Court, but Hernández must first be right in that case in order to get at large.