Bayern renounces stunt: ‘How much I appreciate him does not fit into our philosophy’

One thing is certain: Cristiano Ronaldo is not continuing his career at Bayern Munich. President Olivier Kahn stresses that a possible arrival of the 37-year-old Portuguese is not and will not be discussed.
The story is well known: Ronaldo has made his departure wish known to Manchester United because he wants to continue acting in the Champions League. Napoli, Chelsea and Bayern were named as possible destinations, but it‘s not going to be the Bundesliga. โ€œAs much as I appreciate Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the biggest football players, a transfer wouldn’t fit into our philosophy,โ€ Kahn told Kicker.
Ronaldo is missing this week from United‘s training complex Carrington due to โ€œfamily circumstances.โ€ Jorge Mendes, the Portuguese agent, is said to be already in the process of forcing a transfer. Due to Robert Lewandowski’s departure from Der Rekordmeister, Ronaldo was named as a candidate successor. Kahn puts an end to that illusion.