BBC reconstruction of attack Libya cornered Arab Emirates

The British broadcaster BBC has strong indications that soldiers from the United Arab Emirates were closely involved in an attack on a military academy in Tripoli in January this year. That attack cost the lives of young servicemen in training.

The UAE has always said that there are no UAE soldiers in Libya and that the country supports the UN in resolving the civil war by diplomatic means.

On January 4th of this year some fifty cadets from the academy took part in marching exercises, when suddenly something exploded in their midst. Twenty-six cadets died, most of them dead on impact.

Troops of Haftar

Tripoli was at that time besieged by troops of rebel leader General Haftar, who wanted to expel the government in Tripoli recognized by the UN. His troops had marched from the east of Libya to Tripoli and besieged the capital with the support of, among others, the UAE

The Haftar troops said they had nothing to do with the attack and that the explosion might have been caused by a mortar grenade fired from the academy grounds.

Chinese rocket

In January 2020 there was only one type of aircraft that could fire that rocket: a drone called Wing Loong 2, says the BBC and also the VN.

Satelite images

The images also show a control room and other equipment needed to control the drones, and eleven containers with which Wing Loongs can be transported.

Satellite images also show that the control room, associated equipment and eleven containers were removed from the air base in the first week of February.

Transferred to Egypt

Satellite images of the Egyptian airbase in Siwa show a Wing Loong control room, associated equipment and eleven containers

It seems that the drones and everything that goes with them have been transferred to Egypt. They can also reach Tripoli from Siwa. Egypt is also an ally of Haftar.

Attack on migrant camp

The BBC further discovered that fighter planes are stationed at another Egyptian airbase, in the colours of UAE fighter planes.

A plane in those colours bombed a migrant detention centre east of Tripoli in July last year. Dozens of migrants died. UN envoy Bachelet spoke of a war crime.

The BBC submitted the reconstruction to the UAE, but received no answer.