Bear bites woman in buttock in Alaska

A woman was attacked last weekend in Alaska by a bear while she was in the bathroom. The woman was slightly injured.

In conversation with AP, Shannon Stevens says: I went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat I was bitten in the buttock. I jumped up and screamed it out.

Erik, Shannon‘s brother, was about 45 meters away at the yurt and heard the cry. He ran to the woman and saw that she was in pain. At first, the two thought Shannon was bitten by a squirrel, or some other small animal. That turned out not to be the case.

With a flashlight, Shannon’s brother looked into the toilet. There, through the hole of the seat, he saw the head of a bear. The animal had come from below to take a look at the outside toilet: I closed the toilet as fast as I could.

The two ran back to their quarters. Fortunately, the injuries turned out to be: It bled, but could have been worse. The woman was treated in the yurt with the present first aid kit. If the injuries were worse, Shannon and Erik could travel to the city of Haines for a doctor‘s treatment.

Shannon says in the future, better see where she’ll sit.