Bear gets in car Colorado and deals big damage

In the U.S. state of Colorado, a bear got stuck in a car. In a desperate search for a way out, the animal then caused significant damage.

The bear had spent about an hour in the car until a local sheriff and a ranger freed him, reports FOX 31 Denver. โ€œHe actually did something that bears often do in such a situation: when a pinball moves through the cabin in an attempt to escape,โ€ says District Wildlife ranger, Casey Westbrook.

After the big animal got into the open car, it couldnt get out of it after that. Then the bear created a big havoc. The door was partially broken to pieces and the ceiling of the car was torn. There were also cans of beer in the car, but they remained unscathed miraculously, reports FOX 31.

Rope Ranger

Westbrook and the sheriff eventually managed to get the bear out by pulling the car door open with a rope and then standing remotely. โ€œAt such a moment, theyre just looking for a way to escape. When the bear noticed that it was free, he immediately looked for a place where he wouldnt meet people,โ€ Westbrook says.

Between 2019 and 2020, some 500 reports of bears climbing a car in Colorado were reported. Westbrook advises hikers to keep the car locked and not to leave drinks or food behind.