Bears and dryads: New World authors revealed Edengrove region

A while ago, Amazon introduced us to the world of Ethernum, an island where New World players arrive in an era of great geographic discovery and relocation. Now it‘s time for more detailed excursions, and one of them is dedicated to the northern region of Edengrove. Despite its northern location, Edengrove looks bright and exotic after the rainy and waterlogged areas of central locations.

However, staying here can become short lived due to the abundance of dangerous. Edengrove is home to extremely unfriendly and even aggressive dryads that guard the murky Malevolence Tower.

In the picturesque forests, it’s easy to meet lions and bears, and beautiful rivers are swarming with alligators. Getting to know Edengrove for now only in beta testing, its next phase will begin on July 20.

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