‘Beautiful how Schöne has continued his career after Heerenveen. ‘

Johnny Jansen is very happy with the arrival of Lasse Schöne to SC Heerenveen. The reunion with the Danish midfielder, which he had under his care in B youth, feels very good.

Schöne came from Denmark to the Netherlands in 2002 and was taken under his care by Jansen, who was then a youth trainer. Lasse went abroad on his own, then as a trainer you also take care of that, he says to De Cceit. Then I occasionally took him out on the road, we went fishing. Just putting a little more energy into those guys, like an extra individual workout. They need it. I think he certainly felt that warmth.
Yet the midfielder did not make their debut in the first team of Heerenveen at that time. He left for De Graafschap and ended up in the top via a detour. Of course I sometimes thought: he should have played football, the trainer admits. But I think it‘s good how he continued his career through De Graafschap and NEC, a step back, after all. I have followed him in his search for the summit all these years and I am proud of how he has done his things.
And eventually Schöne ended up in Friesland and made his debut more than fourteen years after his departure in the first team with a goal against AZ (3-1 defeat). That’
s very special, says Jansen. Thanks to the good feeling Lasse always had at Heerenveen.