“Beech” released on Steam demo of Tetragon

In 2019, Brazilian studio Cafundo Estudio Criativo released a mobile Tetragon puzzle, inspired by The Room, The Witness and The Talos Principle. It came out without much noise on iOS and Android and was well received by connoisseurs of inventive puzzles. Now the company Buka announced that it will be the publisher of the RS version of Tetragon.

The game will appear this year on Steam, and the demo version is already available in the store: its passage will take about 15 minutes. In Tetragon our main character is a lumberjack whose son disappeared in the enchanted world, consisting of of planes orbiting the magic Tetragen crystal.

He goes in search, and to get to the place of his sons imprisonment, he has to overcome four dozen difficult levels. To find the way, players will have to change the world: turn levels, change position of platforms and towers, create stairs and open passageways.

Players are waiting for hundreds of puzzles and many different game mechanics. More on CCeit Enthusiast released the sequel The Witcher 3: Wild Hunting — Blood and Wine Dying Light 2 can be completely passed in the cooperative Unbeatable passed Kickstarter in 15 hours.