Before We Leave will be released on Steam on May 13

A year ago, on April 16, 2020, independent studio Balancing Monkey Games released a peaceful urban simulator Before We Leave in the Epic Games Store. Now the deadline has expired, and Steamusers will soon get acquainted with the game. To release the game in the most popular game store connected publishing house Team17.

And it announced the date of the new release: 13 May. The world Before We Leave has survived the apocalypse, and now our task is to explore it and bring it back to life.

As it develops, the revived civilization will develop new technologies that allow the development of industry, trade and transport โ€” including sailing vessels. Since the release of the game‘s content is noticeable expanded.

It features new biomes, including marshes, rainforests and crystalline islands, as well as new technologies, machinery and infrastructures. Now there’s even Kraken in the game! More on Gambling Green Hell: The Board Game will soon take out on Kickstarter Step-by-step bagel The Hand of Merlin in May goes into early access From the life of sea monsters: the official trailer is released & laquo; Lukeโ€ Pixar.