Being a second goalkeeper isnt really fun, or should be at Tottenham for a million

Roy Kortsmit has been the reserve goalkeeper of NAC Breda for the past two years, but due to the departure of Nick Olij, the 29-year-old closing post is promoting. Kortsmit is happy about that, because he was not very happy with his role as second goalkeeper.
NAC picked up Kortsmit transfer-free two seasons ago, after suffering a serious shoulder injury. All this time, Kortsmit had to do it with a role behind Olij. โ€œBeing a second goalie isnt really fun, or it has to be at Tottenham for a million,โ€ says the goalie at BN DeStem. โ€œThen its a little better, maybe. The last two years have been quite difficult.โ€
โ€œIf you smell some more opportunities, youre going to respond to that and try harder. But Nick Olij was extremely good last year, I had zero chances,โ€ Kortsmit continues. โ€œThen your motivation isnt where it should be. If youre still at the beginning of your career, you might be able to enjoy it, but for me it was a different story. As a reserve goalkeeper, you lose the feeling of being a real professional football player a bit. You miss that very much. Now I feel its about to come again. Im really excited about it.โ€