Beirut explosion victim after 14 months

A 35-year-old man from Lebanon died 14 months after he was seriously injured in the Beirut Harbour explosion. This brings the number of victims killed in the disaster to 219.

35-year-old Ibrahim Harb worked as an accountant in an office near the port, when a warehouse with explosive material flew into the air.

This happened last year in Beirut on 4 August and the following days:

2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were found to be stored in the warehouse. The explosion, which followed a fire in a warehouse, caused a massive havoc. 250,000 people were homeless and offices, shops and other buildings were destroyed, including the office where Harb worked.

He was seriously injured to his head. Occasionally he was conscious, his family told AP news agency. The man was transferred to a rehab facility after three months in hospital. Three days ago, he was taken to his family home, where he died last night.

Obstructed Justice

More than a year later, it is still unclear who is responsible for the explosion.

According to human rights organization Amnesty International, the Lebanese government is hampering the investigation into the disaster and justice. This leaves many questions unanswered.

After the explosion, some 25 people were arrested who were associated with the disaster, mostly port workers and customs officials. Thirteen of them have now been released again. Next of kin still demand justice.

โ€œWe hope God punishes the one responsible for this, what else can we do?โ€ , says the deceased Harbs brother, to AP.