Belarus closes borders with Poland and Lithuania

President Lukashenko of Belarus has closed the borders with Poland and Lithuania and stepped up border controls with Ukraine. According to Lukashenko, the Belarusian army is in the highest state of preparedness.

“We are being forced to take our soldiers off the streets and close our borders in the west,’ Lukashenko said at a meeting. He referred to NATO force exercises at his country’s border, which he said are taking longer than planned.

Brainless politicians’

Stop your mindless politicians, do not let them start a war“, was Lukashenko’s message to the people of the three countries, reports the Belarusian state news agency Belta. “I don‘t want war’, he said. “Moreover, I do not want Belarus, Lithuania and Poland to become a battleground where our problems are not solved

Belarus has been in crisis since the elections five weeks ago. Belarusians are taking to the streets many times and en masse in protest against what they see as the fraudulent re-election of Lukashenko. The President has sought support from Russia. The Belarusian army is now conducting military exercises with the Russian army.

Opposition from Lithuania

Opposition leader Tichanovskaya disappeared after the elections and reappeared in Lithuania. From there, she is increasing pressure on the President. “I can‘t physically be there, but I am with them with heart and soul,” she said earlier to New Year’s Eve about the demonstrators in her homeland.

“They are not taking to the streets for me, for Svetlana Tichanovskaya. I can be a symbol, but they are taking to the streets for their future. For a new, free Belarus