Belarusian athlete leaves Polish embassy, arrived at Tokyo Airport

Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovskaya left the Polish embassy in Tokyo where she stayed since Monday. Early in the morning of Japanese, Timanovskaya left the embassy in a blinded car.

The car in which Timanovskaya would have left:

More than an hour later, she arrived at Tokyo International Airport, most likely to board a plane with the destination of Polands capital Warsaw. Poland gave the sprint star a humanitarian visa after being taken to Tokyo Airport against her will to fly back home on Sunday.

She was recalled by the Belarusian authorities. Timanovskaya said she was kicked off the team after criticizing her coaches on Instagram.

She was said to be taken to the airport along with a member of the Belarusian delegation and a psychologist. The head coach told her to leave on โ€œorder from aboveโ€. At Tokyo Airport, she called for the help of the Japanese police.

Worry for Parents

The Belarus Olympic Committee, headed by the son of authoritarian President Lukashenko, stated that Timanovskaya would be recovered because of her โ€œemotional and psychological stateโ€. On the Belarusian state television, she is reprobated for not being a patriot.

In an interview with news agency AP, the 24-year-old athlete said she was made clear that she will be punished in her native country. She also said to worry about her parents. The man of Timanovskaya has now fled to Ukraine.

The international sports dome IOC has initiated an investigation into the case and is still waiting for an official statement from Belarus.