Belarusian strategy Kapital: Sparks of Revolution presented at LUDI

As we have already written, today is a ceremony to announce the winners of the annual LUDI Awards. And during the award, new games of developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Baltic countries are presented. One of the upcoming projects is published by 1C Entertainment.

This is a โ€œrevolutionaryโ€ strategy Kapital: Sparks of Revolution Belarusian studio Lapovich Team, which is a mixture of social manager and urban planning simulator. In the game we will have the role of the head of the capital of the European state in a deep crisis.

There is about to break out a social explosion and anarchy reigns, and there are no resources to satisfy the needs of all classes. We have to decide which estate to support and provide housing and food: nobles, bourgeois or workers.

Any decision will have consequences, and will have to deal with them not only by force, but also with the help of laws and decrees. Find out what price we will have to pay for salvation from anarchy, we will be able to fall 2021 of the year.

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