Belarusians face problems buying games from Epic Games Store

Residents of Belarus have reported that they have not been able to purchase games from the Epic Games Store since recently. When you try to place an order, youll see the message โ€œSorry, but you cant shop from your account. โ€ At the same time, it is still possible to access free handouts.

Users considered possible US sanctions as one of the reasons. But thats probably not the point.

Updated: Sergey Galyonkin said that โ€œpurchases from Belarus were not blockedโ€: โ€œWe dont know yet what exactly the cause of the original users problems is – Technical support is now trying to contact him to understand what happened. โ€ But it turned out that the restriction only applies to the local payment system โ€œCalculationโ€ purchases with a credit card (such as Visa) are still possible.

Therefore, it is possible that the problem is not sanctions, but a trivial error on the website. More on Gamemania Bandai Namco will update its logo for the first time in 16 years Capcom wants to make PC its main platform EA CFO will leave the company next summer.