Belgian agent ‘ashamed’ of Hitler salute at controversial police action

Giving the Hitler salute was a wrong joke at a tense moment, says the lawyer of a Belgian agent in the scandal about the harsh approach of a Slovakian detainee who ended up killing him. “She’s embarrassed”, the Flemish news site HLN quotes the lawyer.

Look here at the images of the incident:

“Keeping that strong man in check: that was very complicated. I understand that the images may seem shocking, but the police had the best intentions,” says the lawyer. He assists some of the policemen involved

Possible dismissal

For the time being, the young inspector is the only one who has been transferred to another position. A disciplinary investigation will determine whether the group of officers will be dismissed. Yesterday the head of the aviation police took a step aside because of the scandal. He blames himself for never having seen the footage of the incident.

The young constable regrets the fascist greeting. “But that man didn’t die because of that gesture,” says her lawyer.

The investigation into the cause of death of the Slovak is still ongoing. The images of the police intervention only surfaced after the victim’s wife had taken them to the press.