Belgian drink warriors get keychain with name dead child

Axelle, Corwin, Laetitia, Nathan, Olivier, Philippe, Romina and Timmy. Eight children who died in a traffic accident involving a driver who was driving under the influence. One of their names is on the keychain that drunken drivers in Belgium get during the ‘weekend without alcohol. The caught driver gets to hear the story behind the name.

โ€œ We hope that the confrontational ‘non-bobkeychains’ will stay longer than the fine or driving ban,โ€ said spokesmen for the Parents of Accident Children and Vias Institute. The drivers in question can then exchange their keychain for an online awareness course at Vias. During this course, the consequences of alcohol on driving behaviour will be discussed in more detail.

One in five accidents is still due to alcohol, it sounds in a campaign film. Although the number of injury accidents in which a driver has drunk too much has fallen by about one-fifth over the past ten years, there were still 4,106 accidents in which a driver was intoxicated in 2019. But even having drunk too much can have serious consequences, Vias emphasises: in Belgium, on average, every day there is an accident involving a dead or injured person in which the driver had less than 0.8 per mille of alcohol in the blood.

โ€œ Both the annual bob campaigns and this new ‘non-Bob’ campaign remain absolutely necessary to convince everyone not to drink when driving a car,โ€ conclude the initiators.