Belgian frigate crew is too inexperienced to participate in NATO exercise

The Belgian frigate Leopold I is not allowed to participate in a major international military exercise because the young crew is not sufficiently trained. VRT News reports that. The frigate is therefore currently anchored in the port of Den Helder.

The onboard did not reach the expected level on multiple levels. Especially in emergency procedures such as firefighting, they were short, reports the Belgian news medium. Belgian Navy spokesman Oliver Vogels says the frigate is โ€œa victim of the new young guard who had to be prepared very quicklyโ€.

According to him, a problem was that naval workers should be able to perform multiple tasks during the exercise, making the training intensive for them.

Extra Training

The ship was intended to participate in the Joint Warrior exercise, a major biennial exercise that includes NATO countries.

The crew has been training extra now. Next week it will be reviewed to see if they are sufficiently skilled. If they succeed, the frigate may still be able to join the exercise.

The Leopold I frigate was bought by Belgium from the Dutch Navy and has been used by the country since 2008. Until 2006, the ship sailed under the name Karel Doorman.