Belgian media: Shaper seems to be well on his way to the exit at Club Brugge

It seems increasingly likely that Ruud Vormer is working on his final weeks at Club Brugge. The Dutchman was not in the selection of Blauw-Zwart last weekend and came up with a spirited comment on Instagram. He is already looking for a solution.
โ€œUnfortunately, I can only accept that I am out of the selection. I will continue to give everything and hope to get the respect I deserve,โ€ Vormer wrote. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, Vormer‘s management has thrown lines towards clubs from abroad.
m one hundred percent sure it hasn‘t been a fun weekend for him,โ€ Club Brugge trainer Carl Hoefkens told last weekend. โ€œNot only this week, but also before that, we talked to him about the situation. It’s what it is.โ€
According to Belgian media, there is a good chance that Vormer will leave Club Brugge, although there is no concrete interest as far as we know. He still has a one-year contract. Vormer ended up in Belgium eight years ago.