Belgian police arrests 99-year-old, suspected of dead co-resident nursing home

In Belgium, a 99-year-old man was arrested suspected of having brought life to a 75-year-old co-resident in a nursing home. The man was headed and transferred to prison. According to Belgian media, the man is the oldest detainee in the country ever.

The possible crime took place in Heusden, near Ghent. The suspect would have suffocated the victim with a pillow. The two did not know each other, the victim‘s next of kin say to Belgian media. His son Erwin De Smet: โ€œThe man was also in another department, probably a random act.โ€ The suspect only recently stayed in the nursing home.


According to Mayor Elsie Sierens van Destelbergen, which includes Heusden, there is spiritual help for residents and employees: โ€œIt’s hard to believe that it really happened in our congregation. It creates a shock wave and leaves no one untouched. It is also harassing for the suspect to have to go to prison in old age, but that is necessary if a serious crime is investigated.โ€