Belgian police stripped after long search armed school student (18): ‘Many knew where he was, but did nothing ‘

The Belgian authorities argue that the 18-year-old armed student who caused a major panic in Kortrijk and Waregem on Thursday could have been caught with more cooperation from other young people. Hes still stuck for now. The investigative judge appointed a psychologist and a psychiatrist to check the state of J.V.s mind.

J.V. first went to Vives College on Thursday with an airsoft weapon. He was then spotted in Waregem: the reason for an hour-long manhunt in both places. Schools and public buildings were locked up as a precaution.

Saturday morning the boy was brought before the investigating judge and the arrest has been confirmed, although no details of the indictment have been announced at this time, Nieuwsblad reports.

No sense of responsibility

The Kortrijk Prosecutors Office also raises the lack of responsibility of a number of people, says parquet spokesman Tom Janssens. โ€œMany people knew where he was, among other things, via social media, but did not inform the police.โ€ So it took a lot longer to find him than it needed, it sounds.