Belgian prison in quarantine due to corona outbreak

A prison in Namur, Belgium, has been quarantined because almost half of the detainees and staff have been tested positively for the coronavirus. It concerns 61 out of 132 prisoners and 57 staff.

The first infection came to light last week. Then a wing of the prison was placed in isolation and all the detainees were tested there. When six more infections emerged, everyone had to undergo a corontest. In all Belgian prisons, the prisoners are regularly tested.

On Saturday, angry relatives of prisoners gathered at the prison in Namur to express their displeasure about the quarantine measures. All the visit has been suspended, and the prisoners are not allowed to leave their cell. There is no showering for the time being and the airing has also been stopped.

The prisoners are given hygiene products to sanitize their own cells. Despite the high number of infections, there are still enough guards available, the prison has announced. As a result, the police do not have to help.