Belgian race against time

For Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard, the clash with Italy in the European Quarter Final will be a race against the clock. According to coach Roberto Martínez, only shortly before the kicking off, the Red Devils star players can take action.
Both De Bruyne and Hazard were injured in the game with Portugal. As you know, Kevin and Eden did not train this morning, but there will be twenty-four hours more positive for their recovery, says Martínez at a press conference, quoted by Het Nieuwsblad. Right now, were fighting the time, were not making the decision about Kevin and Eden until the last minute. At the moment its impossible to tell if theyre going to get fit.
The Spaniard is a bit more positive about the Manchester City playmaker than about the Real Madrid dribbler. It might be hard for Eden to get him fit tomorrow. Its different with Kevin. Well see what its like with his ball feeling. It will be hard to get them fully fit. Martínez emphasizes that he is not trying to scatter the Italians sand in the eyes. Were trying to get the players fit, that has nothing to do with games or arrogance.
Het Nieuwsblad suspects that Martínez does not want to take a risk with Hazards hamstring injury in view of a possible semifinal against Switzerland or Spain. The Ankle of De Bruyne could be taped, making it seem to be able to kick off.