Belgian school must cancel 2000 euro school trip to New York

A Belgian school in Namur is heavily criticized for organising a school trip to New York. It costs 2000 euros, an amount that is difficult for many parents to count down. The trip has therefore been cancelled, reports RTL Belgium.

It‘s a father from Namur, who wants to remain anonymous, causing the ball to roll. He choked in his coffee when he saw the school trip the Royal Athenaeum of Namur would host. A six-day trip to New York with five nights, which would cost parents as much as 2000 euros.

“That’s totally thoughtless and inappropriate,” says the man. “Why so far? There is no way for families with multiple children or low income. This is not an ecological point of view either.” Whatever he doesn‘t like: the journey is compulsory. “We have no choice but to accept.”

There was a lot of criticism, and so the atheneum decided not to let the journey continue. Géraldine Kamps, spokeswoman for the Walloon Ministry of Education, explains at RTL Belgium. “120 pupils had to go and dozens of parents have united and challenged that. The management has therefore made the sensible decision to return to its decision. She didn’t expect those reactions.” Now a different school trip will be organized. Closer to home and less expensive.