Belgians to trade fair: ‘Club Bruges worth 100 million euros more than Ajax’

Club Brugge follows the example of Ajax and makes the way to the fair. According to the Belgian newspaper De Tijd, the Belgian top club is put on the market at a very high rating, which makes it worth a whopping 100 million euros more than the Amsterdammers.

Club Brugge has officially not yet communicated any figures, but since business banks started giving presentations to professional investors on Wednesday, De Trijd has leaked that it is a valuation of no less than 400 million euros.

โ€œ It is indeed a big premium, but Club is more profitable than a typical club,โ€ the newspaper quotes a source.

The amount of 400 million euros amounts to sixteen times the net profit that Club Brugge recorded as national champion last year. โ€œThat has not been ripped off in this market climate,โ€ concludes an observer. Certainly not in view of the new stadium that the club uses in the 2023/2024 season and will provide additional income.


The difference in value between Bruges and Ajax, the only Dutch club active on the stock market, is mainly due to the ownership structure of the Dutch record champion.

Three quarters of the Amsterdam shares are in the hands of the controlling Vereniging AFC Ajax, which makes the share less easily tradable. That makes it less interesting for large investors. In addition, Ajax rarely pays dividends, which, despite the successes of the club, deters investors.