Belgium is almost completely off the lock.

Belgium releases quite a few of the remaining corona measures on Wednesday. Cafes are allowed to stay open as long as before the corona crisis, dancing can be done here and there and everyone can go back to the office.

Only Brussels doesn‘t let the reins celebrate yet. The Belgian capital is much less distant with ingrafting than the rest of the country. The city council is thinking about asking cafe and restaurant goers for a corona pass. That could encourage people to get a shot after all.

Outside of Brussels, nightlife can be restarted. Dances can even be done again, although it seemed to have to wait at first. Dance is officially only allowed at a private party, but with a welcome invitation from the cafe holder, for example, is also called a night out.

More Belgians have been infected in recent weeks than at the beginning of summer, but hospitals are still able to handle the influx. Virologists are concerned about autumn, a time of year when viruses like this are invariably getting around more. In addition, the relaxations take place on the first day of school after the summer break. This would allow the virus to spread in and around school again.


In Italy, more stringent corona rules apply to travelers as of Wednesday. Anyone traveling by long-distance bus, intercity or high-speed train needs a vaccination certificate, negative test result, or proof of recovery. Such evidence is also called a green pass in Italy. It’s a digital or paper certificate. There is no need for local public transport.

According to Trenitalia, the railway staff should check the certificates on the stations or on trains. The Green Pass is also mandatory for travellers on domestic flights and for travellers on ferries between Italian regions, for example from Lazio to Sardinia.


the beginning of August, the Italian government made it mandatory to have a green pass for restaurant visits. In the run-up to the new rules in force from Wednesday, the country has been heavily protested by opponents of vaccinations and the green pass. However, due to the ever-increasing number of corona infections in the country, the government was unspoilable.