Belgium puncture site employees picked up: 200 euros to be ‘vaccinated’ without syringes

The police arrested two employees of the vaccination centre in Pepinster, Belgium on Friday. They are suspected of having committed data fraud in the coronavirus vaccination campaign. That‘s what the Sudpresse newspapers write Tuesday.

The two employees, a man and a woman, are being prosecuted for falsehood in writing and computer fraud. They are suspected of having encrypted multiple people’s personal data for a fee so that they appear as โ€œvaccinatedโ€ in the system. According to information from La Meuse, 200 euros per person was asked.


โ€œThe research is in full progress. These two employees have been interrogated and deprived of their freedom,โ€ a police employee confirms. โ€œThe purpose of the investigation is to enable the identification of all people who have participated in the fraud in some way,โ€ it sounds.

The responsible for the vaccination center did not want to comment.